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Hello parents! I’m looking for people who can help us with a survey. If you are a mom or dad with kids between ages 4 to 12 years, please do click on the link below. We would also appreciate your utmost honesty in answering the questions. As a way of thanks, we will be raffling off 3 apparels from Barbie, Elle, and Hot Wheels to 3 lucky survey-takers The survey […]

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Pigeon Compact Baby Powder

Calling all the single ladies! And not-so-single too I went shopping yesterday around town and found several Pigeon Baby products in the market that are actually good for women too, whether you’re pregnant, a mom, or not! Hey, you can even gift this to your guy friends who like their loofahs, lotions, and moisturizing soaps. So here’s the list: #1: Pigeon Bath Mittens It’s made from a combination of plant-based […]

Flash Mob - magalogue

Grab the Why Not? magalogue at any M7J Kids Republic outlet nationwide     The M7J Kids Republic barkada lit up Robinsons Malls in Ermita and Galleria this September! We are introducing the M7J Kids Republic brand of creative and fab kids’ shoes and letting you know that whatever your personality, there’s an M7J shoe for you. Watch the videos on Youtube! Do you have a video too? Share it […]

A dog is a man’s best furry friend. Don’t you think they deserve to shine more? Get your pets to be featured on the Keith Kimberlin Asia and Keith Kimberlin Pets Facebook pages as the cover photo for the whole week! HOW TO JOIN: – The contest is open to all dog owners and pet lovers – Snap or choose your pet’s cutest photo (only 1 please), together with its […]

How many of us moms have experienced a bit of intrusion during pregnancy when people (some we barely even know) just touch our pregnant tummies without permission? No matter what they say that it’s good luck to pat an expectant mom’s belly, most people aren’t aware that it’s actually a no-no. It seems a little thing, but there are certain things that pregnant women appreciate during those 9 long months. […]