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1 Like 1 pair of shoes 1 for all, all for one #M7JforBOHOL #m7jforVISAYAS Help for the Boholanons is literally in our hands. All it takes is a mouse click. Through M7J Kids Republic’s small steps, we can be one with them in their journey to recovery. For every one (1) incremental “Like” on the IGM Kids Hub (IGMKidsHub) and ELLE Kids (ELLEKidsPh) pages, IGM will match this number to […]

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Pre christmas sale

This is it! You are all invited to the WONDERFUL WHYNOT WAREHOUSE PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE! Good things start with a question of “Why not?”. As they say, curiosity is even the mother of inventions! So, why not start shopping early? Why not get the most out of your holiday budget? Why not get gifts for all the kids this holiday? We’ve got all of that covered for you. WHEN: The IGM […]