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Splish-splash, splish-splash, Meagan went down the street. The crazy weather got her again. Earlier in the morning the sun was so bright out, but now, it was pouring again!

Meagan’s toes were getting all wet and she didn’t like the feeling very much. Her flat sandals did not rescue her from the puddles all over the place.

Once home, Meagan kicked her dripping sandals off and headed for the kitchen.

And then, remembering that her mom doesn’t like things left all over the place, she picks them up and puts them on the shoe rack. That’s the proper place for shoes.

“Very good, Meagan!” her mom calls from behind her. “I didn’t have to remind you this time.” Her mom smiled, pleased with Meagan’s behavior.

“What’s for merienda, mom?” Meagan replied.

“Oh, get cleaned up, we’re going out tonight.” Her mom winked at her.

Oh goodie, thought Meagan. She loved night outs with her mom. Meagan went to her room to change and thinking that it’s still raining outside, went for a ‘rain-proof’ outfit.

“Hmm, why not wear stilts in the rain so my feet doesn’t get wet?” Meagan giggled to herself. Really, shoes with not-so-high stilts should be invented.

A light bulb goes off in Meagan’s head and pulls out her favorite M7Js.

“Ayos! These should do the trick!” Meagan puts on her Felicity shoes and studies herself in the mirror. “Now, I’m rain and puddle-proof!”


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