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Flash Mob - magalogue

Grab the Why Not? magalogue at any M7J Kids Republic outlet nationwide     The M7J Kids Republic barkada lit up Robinsons Malls in Ermita and Galleria this September! We are introducing the M7J Kids Republic brand of creative and fab kids’ shoes and letting you know that whatever your personality, there’s an M7J shoe for you. Watch the videos on Youtube! Do you have a video too? Share it […]

We are proud to announce that we just opened our first M7J Outlet store! Internationale Globale Marques launched its newest baby, M7J, with the tagline We Know Fashion. Located at the Ground floor of Robinson’s Starmills, Pampanga, M7J Outlet is bringing into the country a whole new world of shopping experience. Discover the newest in footwear as we give you more noteworthy styles. Brought to you by the latest fashion […]

“Aaaah!” Splish-splash, splish-splash, Meagan went down the street. The crazy weather got her again. Earlier in the morning the sun was so bright out, but now, it was pouring again! Meagan’s toes were getting all wet and she didn’t like the feeling very much. Her flat sandals did not rescue her from the puddles all over the place. Once home, Meagan kicked her dripping sandals off and headed for the […]

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