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PRESS RELEASE as printed on March 16, 2012 on the Philippine Star; and March 17, 2012 on the Manila Bulletin

Chicco footwear helps parents find the perfect sole-mates for their growing kids

Every parent knows that children grow up fast, and one of the challenges with regard to this truth is finding items—particularly shoes—that are comfortable during specific stages of growth. Richwell Phils. Inc., the leading distributor of children’s products in the Philippines, offers Chicco footwear for the young ones’ fast-growing feet and offers a primer on the essentials of buying kids’ shoes.

The Lowdown on Chicco Footwear
“The requirements of children’s feet change with every phase of the growth process,” begins Richwell Phils. Inc. Chief Operating Officer, Maye Yao Co Say. “That’s why we at Chicco carefully study how children’s feet are formed, and have patterned our Chicco shoes accordingly with the use of relevant technologies.”

Chicco footwear features designs that are built according to the different ages of children to guarantee that the shoes guide the correct development of their feet. “We make sure that each pair Chicco footwear we produce is designed to reflect and complement the anatomy of growing feet,” Co Say explains.

The brand’s insoles are specially crafted for young wearers. “Chicco’s insoles have a stimulated ventilated cushion at the area where the feet tend to perspire more and a shock-absorbing area to avoid straining the wearer’s feet,” she adds.

Co Say points out that the technology behind Chicco shoes is based on the brand’s careful study of children’s growing and developing feet. “We utilize a combination of low density materials to guarantee comfort, and high density materials to ensure stability.”

Finding Your Child’s Perfect Pair

“With shoes for children, the most important thing to consider is called the ‘last’—the material used and formed to accommodate the shape and size of the feet,” Co Say begins. “Although this differs per shoe style, it’s important that it’s structured well, to ensure comfort for infants and children. During this period, children’s feet are still delicate, and not yet fully formed. This is why proper footwear must be used.”

The sole, she says, is the second important factor to consider. “Choose shoes with soles that have a strong grip and high durability, as young children love running around and are not as aware of slippery and dangerous surfaces,” Co Say advises.

For instance, she adds, the soles of Chicco shoes are unique and specially designed, making use of very light materials and boasting of a distinct flex-zone, where the cuts and folds follow the natural movements of the feet.

Thanks to Chicco and its dedication to caring for kids’ feet, playtime and other moments become fun, comfortable and safe. “Chicco footwear promises to be every parent’s ally in helping their kids enjoy their childhood experience by accompanying them every ‘step’ of the way,” Co Say concludes.

Chicco shoes are available at all leading department stores nationwide.

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