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Summer is just around the corner, and with the kids out of school, what better way is there to spend quality time with family than going on a worthwhile vacation? Rafa and Amina Alunan offer some useful tips on putting together those getaway essentials with a little help from Pigeon, Safety 1st, and Ergobaby.

Trips should begin with a smooth and safe ride. Rafa points out, “We’ve always made sure that we’d be able to keep the kids, especially when they were younger, safe in the car. I advise parents to make having an infant car seat a priority. It helps take your mind off worrying about how the children would fare during a long ride, and concentrate more on driving.”

Having little ones on a trip would necessitate putting their Safety 1st. The lightweight and easy-to-transport Comfy Carry Plus Infant Car Seat allows you to do just that, with features such as Side Impact Protection, infant head support, and stay-in-car base features.

Taking a tour or enjoying a walk could be fraught with obstacles as Amina knows from experience. “Kids tire easily, and you know what that means – they’d probably ask to be carried. With everything else that you have with you, having a stroller is definitely more convenient and efficient.”

Make those strolls easier and much more fun with the Saunter Stroller. It’s got a baby-friendly tray with integrated SlideGuard® protection, a convenient parent tray with 2 cup holders and covered compartment, a large storage basket, and a canopy with a window to protected your little one from the elements. Its lightweight frame only takes one hand to fold and stand, and the QuickClick™ Car seat attaches securely to stroller with one simple click. You can also opt for the Compa’City Stroller, an ultra-compact and light pushchair with a 5-recline position, height adjustable handles, adjustable footrest, and linked cable brakes on its rear wheels.

Rafa likes taking the kids out to enjoy the great outdoors. “It’s a wonderful learning opportunity that parents should let their kids experience.” The Ergobaby carrier’s Travel Collection made of 100% recycled material and 100% organic cotton lining makes a great companion for outdoor adventures, particularly with younger children.

Better watch out for harmful critters as well while you’re out and about though. Shoo away mosquitoes and secure up to 6-hours protection with the deet-free and microbiologically and dermatologically tested Pigeon Anti-Mosquito Wipes.

“Family vacations are all about letting the children discover and experience things,” says Amina. “And moms know that it can be a very fun but messy process.” Amina suggests including the following as staples in every mommy’s travel bag.

With purified water used as the base of formulation, Pigeon Baby Wipes contain soothing chamomile oil that’s microbiologically tested to ensure that babies are free from harmful bacteria and fungi. Also stock on Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes (made of 100% Food Grade Ingredients), and Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Wipes, which kills 99% of germs and bacteria and can disinfect baby’s toys and accessories, utensils, and breastfeeding accessories.

Use these simple and practical tips from Rafa and Amina to make this year’s summer getaway a memorable, convenient, and stress-free experience for the entire family.

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