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By Liza Pamintuan-Magtibay | July 30, 2013

I don’t recall anymore when and where I first saw a parent wearing their baby. It might’ve been in a movie or in a television show but it did make a positive impression on me so much so that when I did become a parent, I knew I would use a baby carrier.

When our baby Shana was 2-months old, hubby and I researched about which kind to use. We read about the benefits of the closeness the parent and baby will feel for each other,  how it was safer to carry the baby facing you rather than facing outward and so on.  I didn’t consider using sling-types because I felt it didn’t suit my personality, it didn’t feel stable and I wouldn’t have the patience to do the tying.


We eventually decided on Ergobaby. We liked the cloth material and I must say, the slogan got me, “Hug everywhere”. We got our Galaxy Grey model and were also advised to get the insert as well since Shana was very young at that time and needed additional support. Hubby used the Ergo for the first months since I was still recovering from the CS procedure and being careful about the wound. Whenever we go for doctor’s appointments or errands, hubby would wear Shana. The insert was useful, however, we realized it didn’t suit our tropical climate since Shana would sweat quickly in it and she developed strong neck control early so we used it for a limited time. We also got the teething pads at around 5 months because Shana liked chewing the straps. It was easier to have the teething pads on there instead of having to wash the entire carrier.


We liked Shana in the Ergobaby Carrier, she remained close to us and we didn’t have to lug around a stroller. She seemed comfortable in it, too. She liked that she was moving around, she can see her environment; she is carried and is close to her daddy. She often slept in it undisturbed.  At times, hubby had to continue wearing her even while we were eating.  I eventually tried wearing Shana a few months ago and I do have to say that it is enjoyable for us. I tried wearing her behind me one time but I think we both prefer if she was in front.


I highly recommend the Ergobaby for parents who are without a nanny and who do attachment parenting and want your baby as close to you as often as possible. We know that it helps foster the closeness between the parent and the baby and the convenience is a plus!


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