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As the premier brand that caters to the needs of mothers and mothers-to-be, Pigeon launches its Baby in my Belly campaign. The campaign ensures the well-being of pregnant women and soon-to-be born babies by encouraging other people to show them extra care, importance, and protection.

Expecting a baby is such a gift for every parent. In Japan, everyone, including the government, citizens show their support for each expectant mom by giving them much respect and special treatment. They hand out uniquely designed badges, key chains, bag tags which say “I have a baby in my belly”. This move made Japanese moms feel so special that Pigeon Philippines wanted it for the Filipino moms too!

Part of the campaign is the release of Mom’s Pocketbook which contains important charts to be filled up during regular visits to the doctor. We also came out with The Pigeon Mom Pregnancy Etiquette Guide that provides pointers for others who interact with pregnant mothers. The campaign also launched activities, events, and special workshop sessions that tackle relevant issues for expectant mothers, several of which are to be done in partnership with some of the country’s most reputable health institutions.

Indeed, Pigeon’s Baby in my Belly campaign shows the utmost dedication the brand puts into catering to the needs of mothers, babies, and their families. With this advocacy, we can take our efforts a step further to show our full support for expectant mothers. After all, the babies’ well-being not only depend on how your child care products are, it is also on how well moms look after themselves and how others care for them.

A Celebration of Pregnancy

Pregnant women and soon-to-be moms flocked to the Shangri-La Mall last August 26, 2012 for the grand launch of Pigeon Philippines’ Baby in my Belly Campaign.

Each expectant mother had the exclusive chance for free consultations from experts. They also received product discounts and special gifts from Pigeon.

Pigeon Philippines and its brand ambassador, Ms. Amina Aranaz-Alunan, encouraged everyone to respect every pregnant mom.

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