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Calling all the single ladies! And not-so-single too :) I went shopping yesterday around town and found several Pigeon Baby products in the market that are actually good for women too, whether you’re pregnant, a mom, or not! Hey, you can even gift this to your guy friends who like their loofahs, lotions, and moisturizing soaps.

So here’s the list:

#1: Pigeon Bath Mittens

It’s made from a combination of plant-based fiber rayon and natural chitosan, and is actually gentler than 100% cotton mittens or sponge. So if you have sensitive skin, you can opt to use this for yourself too.

#2: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser

Don’t you feel sometimes that washing your fruits and veggies with just water isn’t enough? Whether you’re cleaning baby’s or your own baon of fruits, using the right kind of cleaning agent is very important. And even more when you’re pregnant!

Pigeon Philippines‘ 100% food-grade liquid cleanser: it’s anti-bacterial, made from edible ingredients, and gentle on skin.

 #3: Pigeon Reform Brief and Girdle

Let’s admit it. Once in every woman’s life we wish we had a flatter tummy (except of course if you were fortunate enough to be born with a very fast metabolism and your body just cooperates!). These briefs are made for pregnant women, so back support is carefully considered in making these. So instead of just toning up your tummy area, make sure your back has ample support too. It’s not bulky, don’t worry! :)

#4: Pigeon Baby wipes and Anti-Mosquito wipes

When you’re a mom, your arsenal includes baby wet wipes and alcohol. There’s no reason though not to adopt this practice even when you don’t have kids! Throughout the day, your hands get in contact with millions of microscopic bacteria and germs, and this can happen even before lunch time.

So what’s in your bag? The anti-bacterial pocket-sized wipes and anti-mosquito wipes are in mine 😉

#5: Pigeon Compact Baby Powder

Uh-huh. Pigeon actually has a compact powder which actress Gretchen Barretto also uses! Curious, I also Googled bloggers who have tried this compact, and it’s quite a pleasant surprise to see that it comes highly recommended. Aside from being better priced compared to other compacts, Pigeon’s baby powder is much lighter and, according to the website, is made of “Squolon, a natural humectant that helps skin retain its essential moisture balance”.

While some compact powders are only applicable to specific skin types, Pigeon’s is perfect for all.

Well, that’s the roundup! I hope you find this useful. The next time you take a trip to the mall, look for Pigeon baby products in the baby section of any leading department store nationwide.

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