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Spotted by M7J

Are you the one we’re looking for? We’re spotting kids wearing their M7J Kids Republic shoes and telling the world about it! Because we know that You Know Fashion.

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Who can join?

Open to boys and girls up to 16 years old and who own any M7J pair of shoe

How do I join?

1. If you already have an M7J Kids Republic shoe, skip to #2! If not, read on.

Purchase any M7J Kids Republic shoe from any M7J retail outlet at any Robinsons Department Store, and other leading department stores nationwide. Check out our Facebook page (IGM Kids Hub) for a list of outlets.

2. POSE AND CLICK! Do your thing with your M7Js! Get out of the house (the mall, park, at a party, or ok, outside the house) and take your picture; as long as it’s an outdoor shot, your pictures will be valid.

Take whole-body pictures of yourself modeling your M7J shoes. If you have more than one, you may use them too. The different shoes will be considered separate entries, so the more shoes, the merrier!

3. EMAIL! Send us your pictures thru with the following details; one (1) entry (same pictures of the same shoes) per email only:

Email subject: Spotted by M7J Kids Republic —> this is important so your email doesn’t go to our spam folder!
Full name of child in the photo:
Birth date:
Mobile number:
Email address:
School (if applicable):
Grade or year you are currently in:
Mom OR Dad’s full name:
Why do you like your M7J Kids Republic shoes?
Would you like to be included in the IGM Kids Hub brands’ e-newsletter (delivered to your email)?

4. LIKE! Make sure you’re already a fan of M7J Kids Republic via!

How do I win?

1. Judging will start on February 4, 2013. All photo entries will be judged based on the following:

Completeness of details submitted
Clarity of photos submitted

Your photos will be judged based on the following:
Style and Pose – 40%
Composition of the photo – 30%
General appeal – 30%
Total – 100%

2. There will be 2 Spotted winners per month, a boy and a girl. In the event that there are no submissions of photos of boys, 2 girls will be picked.
3. Winners will be judged based ONLY on the criteria. There will no Fabook voting to determine winners, since this is prohibited by Facebook rules and regulations. Contestants though, are free to share and promote their photos to their network.
4. Winning photos of Spotted M7J kids will be posted on the website ( and the IGM Kids Hub Facebook page (IGMKidsHub), and promoted on Twitter (IGMPh).
5. The winner will be contacted via the contact numbers and email address provided.

What do I win?

The winners of the contest will get the following prizes:

– 1 M7J I Know Fashion Tee per winner (girls)
– 1 Hot Wheels tee per winner (boys)


Make sure that your email does not exceed 10MB in size. You may resize your photos to fit this requirement. Should your entry be picked, we will ask for a higher-resolution version of your photo/s.

Make sure that your photos are clear: not blurred, or too dark that we can’t see you or your M7J Kids Republic shoes or outfit.

By submitting your photos to us, you are giving IGM the authority to use your pictures for purposes of the Spotted! promotion, as well as in posting these photos online (via Facebook, Twitter, and our website).