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How many of us moms have experienced a bit of intrusion during pregnancy when people (some we barely even know) just touch our pregnant tummies without permission? No matter what they say that it’s good luck to pat an expectant mom’s belly, most people aren’t aware that it’s actually a no-no.

It seems a little thing, but there are certain things that pregnant women appreciate during those 9 long months. Are you a father-to-be? A family member living with someone craving for mangga’t bagoong in the middle of the night? Or do you have an officemate who is expecting? Here’s the low-down on Pregnancy Etiquette:

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The Pigeon Mom Pregnancy Etiquette Guide

1. Always offer us a seat, especially on public transport vehicles. Balancing acts in moving vehicles are not exactly our specialty during these nine months.

2. Please do offer to carry our things for us. We walk and carry for two, so our feet and back always hurt. Any kind of help is much appreciated.

3.  Yes, you may also open the door for us. If chivalry is plus points for the ladies, you’re a knight in shining armor for pregnant women.

4.  Please let us go first in the restrooms. Because the miracle of life is squeezed all inside our tummies, we tend to go more often.

5. Lend us a hand when crossing the street or going down the stairs, and hold the elevator for us. As you may have noticed, we tend to walk a bit slower than the rest of the rushing crowd.

6.  Avoid pointing out our shortcomings in the physical looks department. Beauty is relative and pregnancy is a beautiful blessing.

7.  Contrary to popular belief, telling pregnancy horror stories to expectant mothers is not helpful.

8. No matter how tempting, refrain from touching our tummies unless given permission.

9. Do not take our hormonal mood swings personally. And yes, during these nine months, we have the excuse to blame biology for our crankiness and sudden cravings in the middle of the night.

10 . Do not point out how much weight we’ve gained. That, my friends, is a valuable lesson that applies even after we give birth.

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